Friday, November 30, 2007

some more photos


Grant is doing great today. Slightly cranky last night due to the shots but had a restful night and seems to have recovered really well..thank goodness.

Some pictures from this morning...he is my test subject as I try my hand at some amateur photography using our new camera. Hope you enjoy!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

5 shots today...

Grant was a champ at his 8-week visit but its now 5:13 and the crankiness has set in. I know I would sure be cranky if I was stabbed twice in one thigh and three times in another...OUCH!

On the brighter side he is 11 lbs 7 oz (a bit off my at home weigh in) and 23.5 inches long. That puts him in the 50% for weight and the 75% for height. Sounds good to me. ;0)

Here's to a restful night...hey, a girl can dream.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Mom's Bday

It was my mom's "39th" birthday on 11/20 while she was here visiting and we had a little Thanksgiving day celebration. We have so much to be thankful for...
Happy birthday to a wonderful mother!

Yet another weigh in...

Ok the count down to the 8 week check up has begun - just a short 3 days away. Today's unofficial weight is 13 lbs! Boy I cant wait to see how close we are...

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Grant's Baptism

We baptized Grant this weekend in a small family ceremony. The priest that married us and baptized James was able to squeeze in a Thanksgiving weekend ceremony and we were very grateful to do it while my parents were in town.
The christening gown is a family heirloom - worn by my mother, her siblings and cousins, myself, my brother, all my cousins and now the new generation. Very special. ;0)

Saturday, November 17, 2007


Jamers had a haircut on Thursday at our favorite spot - Balloon Cuts. He chose to sit in the red motorcycle again. Don't be fooled by the somber look...for some reason he gets very serious and still during the cut for which I am very grateful. Behind me was a child screaming bloody murder so I was counting my blessings. ;0)

Friday, November 16, 2007

Bath time fun!

Grant just got cleaned up and big brother James was the post bath entertainment...

Grant's expression is priceless when James moved in for a kiss...

Thanksgiving Party at James' School!

Today was the annual Thanksgiving feast at James' school. We brought Thai food to the feast for a little twist on the traditional spread! It was a special request of the teachers at school. Mrs. Siripoke was kind enough to make the food for us and of course it was a big hit!!
James was very happy to have mommy, daddy and baby Grant with him to eat lunch today. He was especially happy that it was half day and he could come home with mommy!

A little video is attached of James and his classmates singing the "before we eat lunch" song. Enjoy!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

An evening with the Siripoke's

Well an evening would not be complete without stubbing a toe just before sitting down to eat dinner. Poor James injured himself on, of all things, a truck sitting at the bottom of the staircase. Hmm...I wonder who left that there!? After a serious crying session and 2 bandaids we were back to our old tricks. James recovered in his bed and Grant enjoyed his bottle with his brother.

On a lighter note James got a haircut this afternoon and is now ready for picture day on Monday 11/19 (and just in time for Mom-mom's arrival).

Tomorrow is the annual Thanksgiving feast at James' school so check back for some pics of us all pigging out! Pass the gravy! ;0)


S, C, G and "the patient"



So I found the measuring unofficial measurement is...
23 1/4 inches! Grant was 20 1/2 inches at birth so that is quite an increase in 6 1/2 weeks! He's my little string bean!
We are all gearing up for Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop's visit for Thanksgiving! Gobble Gobble! Safe travels to everyone traveling next week for the holiday!
(naptime pic taken 11/14 - looks like the calories are going straight to the cheeks!)
Until next time...

Sunday, November 11, 2007


James and Grant had some fun today laying under the play gym. Grant loves his big brother -- he always becomes especially attentive when James is talking to him and looks for him when he walks away. The beginning of a beautiful friendship... (at least until Grant is big enough to start playing with James' toys, then its a new ball game).

Happy Sunday!

Friday, November 9, 2007

The "Unofficial" 6 week weigh in results!

We weighed Grant on the scale by first weighing ourselves alone then with him and the results are in.....drum roll please....11 lbs!!! (give or take a few ounces)

We'll do it again in 2 weeks (and probably a few in between just because its fun) to see how close we are to the "official" weigh in on 11/29 at the 8 week appointment.

Next blog entry...HEIGHT! Now where's that darn measuring tape...and you thought my life was temporarily reduced to only feeding time and short naps. ;0)

Big brother James would like to add that he is 40 lbs! He has currently 56 weigh ins and counting to prove it. Half of the Toys R Us action section resides in our family room and the most popular item - the scale...go figure.

Have a great night! Until next time...

Chunky Monkey

Ah, the legs -- they're gettin' chunky! He may not like it when I dig this photo out when he is 18 but for now I can post the leg shot. How can a mother resist!?

Thursday, November 8, 2007

The Boys

All three guys huddled in the recliner tonight for a little Warrior basketball. :0) Go Golden State!

Happy Thursday!

Another easy going day in the Siripoke household. I wanted to post at least a little something since I know Mom-Mom Voorhees checks this blog at least twice daily for a new picture. Can't let her down. ;0)
Love you Mom-Mom! See you on 11/20!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Picture of the Day - 11/7/07

Little Grant sleeping like an angel. He is losing his hair and has a hairline similiar to his Grandfather Siripoke's. ;0)
We dont see the doctor for another few weeks but my biceps can tell that he has gained quite a bit of weight in the past 3 weeks since his 2 week visit. Cant wait to see what the stats are at the 8 week visit!

Stay tuned...

James - Sunday outing

We went out on Sunday for our first outing with Grant and we ran into friends Soraj and Nathiya.

These are some sweet photos Nathiya took of James so I thought I would post them.

Wonderful pictures

We were lucky to have our friends Hollie and Jeff Brooks and their daughter Ella (sweet photo of her on right) visiting us in the midst of baby Grant's arrival. Hollie is a professional photographer and she was able to capture wonderful photos of us the Wednesday before Grant arrived and then in the hospital the day after delivery.

We cannot thank Hollie and Jeff enough for their friendship, help duing the 'crazy' weekend and the gift of these wonderful images that will capture our memories forever.

If you ever need a photographer in the Vancouver BC area Hollie is by far the best at what she does.

You can see the photos and slide show she created for us in our 'fun links' section or you can click below.

Again, thank you Hollie!

Halloween 2007 Recap

James had a great time this year celebrating Halloween. The festivities started on 10/11 when he visited the Uesugi Pumpkin Patch with his school mates and his Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop visiting from New Jersey.

Having trouble deciding between equally cool super heros Buzz Lightyear and Optimus Prime, James was both! He wore both costumes equally for the entire month of October.

Baby Grant wore several outfits, generous gifts of friends and family, all with Halloween inspired themes!

Hard to believe but we had 600 (yes its not a typo) trick-or-treaters this year on Camino Pablo. When we moved here in 2005 our neighbors warned us of the volume of people and we both said NO WAY. We soon learned (after 4 trips back to Walgreeens in 2005 for more candy) that they were not kidding. This year we were armed with a TON of loot. James preferred handing out candy over trick or treating himself so he had door duty!

Our first entry

This the the first of many entries in the new Siripoke Family blog.

With the arrival of Grant on 9/30 and big brother James doing new and exciting things everyday, we wanted a place to capture all the moments and wonderful pictures to share with friends and family near and far. Enjoy!!!

**Many thanks to Michelle M. for inspiring for me to get this up and running.**