Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Say AAHHHH.....

Today was a milestone event for James - his first dental appointment. It really could not have gone smoother....he was a brave patient through it all, from the first exam, cleaning, flossing, flouride treatment, x-rays and finally the exam by the doctor. His teeth look great and no cavities, and we hope to keep it that way. 

Its a pediatric practice so they cater to the kids and have movies playing in the ceiling and give each patient his/her own set of headphones. Pretty neat place. He walked out of the office with a goodie bag including a new Diego toothbrush, toothpaste, a balloon and stickers! 

Monday, April 28, 2008

the lone freckle

I just love this picture of James and the "beauty mark" on his finger. We called them beauty marks in my family growing up, and I think it's sweet. Sounds so much better then mole. ;0)

more priceless art

A friend suggested I scan all of James' artwork and its a great idea and a great way to share it with family near and far...

Here are excerpts from his Spring collection:

"tree" (note the trunk and limbs are his hand and forearm) &
"flower with roots" 

Hey, this is the closest I am going to get to museum curator and/or gallery owner so I am milking it! ;0)

Sunday, April 27, 2008

another Sunday rolls around...

It was another busy weekend. Grant is recovering well from his nasty cold/ear infection from earlier in the week. James went to his friend Vincent's 4th birthday party at the Jungle on Saturday. He got to run around, climb in an enormous maze and play games with all of his little buddies - along with eating pizza and Cars the Movie cake! Lucky kid!

The weather here in SJ is just amazing, more 80+ degree summer-like days.

Photo: Grant tries to put everything in his mouth lately, including his brother...
They posed for me again too, another brotherly love photo ;0) 

Have a good week. 

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

sick, again...

G has yet another ear infection and pretty nasty cold....yuk! But he is on the mend.

On a lighter note James made us a beautiful piece of art at school today, entitled, "Insect"...we have a large gallery in our kitchen.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

konked out!

I had just finished feeding G some bananas and while he was still in his highchair I prepared and handed him his bottle (he prefers to hold himself, big boy) and I looked away for about 1 minute to clean out some bottles and when I looked back over this is what I saw...

Sweet dreams...

Saturday, April 19, 2008

got milk?

Jamie is truly the poster child for the 'got milk' ad campaign. Given the choice he would exist on milk and milk alone - and I am sorry to report that many days in his almost 4 yr life were milk only...but his diet is improving all the time. Favorites include cantelope and carrots lately...so mommy can't complain...
Here he is with a milk mustache...its kind of faint but its there...

He hesitantly obliged to yet another request from me to take his picture, hence the "look". I am already cramping his style - ;0)

Friday, April 18, 2008

smiles and an update on greens

Grant does not, so far, like anything green (peas or green beans)...we will try them again at a later date but for now - no thank you. ;0) I tasted it too, and well I can't really blame the kid...but toleration of formula is the greater mystery...


Yeah its Friday! Have a good weekend!
Grant is ready for the weekend!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

brothers and the boardwalk....

Yesterday we took the boys to the Santa Cruz beach boardwalk. Always a fun adventure! James went on 4 rides!! A record! His favorite was the airplane ride - still amazed he loved it....the planes went around, and up and down - pretty high in the air too. No photographic evidence, sorry. He feels he is now ready for our trip to Disney World in November...watch out Mickey, here he comes!! ;0)

James awoke from his nap and agreed to pose for me. Out of about 30 pictures taken, these 2 were the keepers. I just love the way Grant is looking at James...of course couldn't get them to both make happy faces in the same photo....;0)

while James was napping....

Grant and I took some pictures. The second child seems to grow up even faster then the first...I am trying to enjoy and cherish every moment...especially the Sunday afternoons, just laying around, doing nothing...but really, is everything.

Grant was attempting to put his entire fist in his mouth, by the way...one of his many tricks. ;0)
Prior to our photo shoot, he had just scarfed down an entire serving of sweet potato/applesauce combo. 

**For my records - no sign of ANY teeth, he HATES peas (they make him gag, but the face he makes really needs to be captured on film...but I won't torture him, promise!), inhales carrots, bananas, rice cereal (the kind with bananas, please), peaches, prunes, sweet potatoes, applesauce and pears...this week green beans...fingers crossed he likes something green. His doctor is not happy that so far his menu is heavy on fruits. Why am I so honest in answering her questions!?!?!? HA! I get my hand slapped every time! ;0) "Start with VEGGIES!" - yes doctor...;0)

have a good week...

Saturday, April 12, 2008


While Mommy was at the accountant (with 4 days to spare!!!) the boys had some seriously wet fun in the backyard. An amazing 85+ degree day here in SJ....gorgeous!!
James not only ran around but played a little golf too....

Grant watched from the comfort of his rainforest jumparoo....

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Just a short clip of James and G jumping for the camera. Hit mute if possible, I have a knack for being a loud videographer...;0)

Pebble Beach

Chaiyos played Pebble Beach golf links this past Sunday and I think it was the fourth best day of his life - next to our wedding day and the birth of our sons - hahaha ;0)

All jokes aside he said it was a golfer's paradise....looks pretty spectacular to me! ;0) I am saving now for the 40th bday trip to St Andrew's. ;0)


Grant's doctor visit went well today....his ears were clear and he got the green light for 4 shots and a rotavirus oral vaccine (for good measure).

The stats are in:
Length: 27.5" - 90th percentile (he's a long one)
Weight: 18 lbs 2 oz - 75th percentile (looks like the new solids menu is workin' its magic)
Head Circumference - I forget the actual measurement but I know its the 25 percentile - so we know he doesn't have the Voorhees noggin', ok?! ;0)

Next visit - 9 months!!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

6 month visit tomorrow...

Tomorrow is G's 6 month visit. Looking forward to the new stats, but not the shots! Ick! But shots may be postponed if the ears aren't completely free of infection. We shall see...

I hope to upload video of "shrieking" (yes shrieking is his new thing) and rolling!! Yea!

Stay tuned...

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


So G's latest thing is saying "bababababababa" - I am going to try and get it on video...its just so cute. The funnier part is when he says it we ALL chime in so its like our family anthem...bababababababa!

He is teething, so often the bababababa is part of his complaining while sucking on his lower lip...poor kid. 

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

another well baby visit postponed...

I am sure a lot of you out there read these posts every so often and might say - "wow Sarah sure is detailed with her entries" - not only do I love that fam and friends actually take the time to read (and quite possibly enjoy) the info but its also a virtual time capsule for me....2 kids + a busy life = memory loss, so this is a great way for me to go back and read milestones that I might otherwise forget to write down at all!! So love to you all for checking in on us periodically....

As my title says, we had to move Grant's 6 month visit (hard to believe its been 6 months!) until next week since he is still recovering from 2 ear infections and pink eye. I think I was in denial and couldn't bring myself to call it "pink eye" but when I Googled it any eye infection is indeed pink eye. Maybe I thought I couldnt spread it to others or catch it myself if it was called something other then the dreaded "pink eye". I think its the modern day leprosy...;0) People hear the words and run! ;0) But we weathered the storm and washed our hands until cracked and it has passed. Thank goodness for antibiotic eye drops! ;0)

So another week or so before Grant gets yet another slew of shots and the official weight and length! Lately he lays on his back and does this leg lift manuever that reminds me of a mix between a crab and bucking bronco....actually sounds like someone is pounding on the floor every time he gives a lift and kick! ;0) Sitting up skills have improved significantly and he wants to lerch forward as if to crawl/move but that often ends in a hands behind the back, face plant....try to avoid that on anything other then the soft bed. ;0)

We have also added bananas to the menu and they seem to be a hit....in a few days, carrots!!

Until next time....