Sunday, April 13, 2008

while James was napping....

Grant and I took some pictures. The second child seems to grow up even faster then the first...I am trying to enjoy and cherish every moment...especially the Sunday afternoons, just laying around, doing nothing...but really, is everything.

Grant was attempting to put his entire fist in his mouth, by the of his many tricks. ;0)
Prior to our photo shoot, he had just scarfed down an entire serving of sweet potato/applesauce combo. 

**For my records - no sign of ANY teeth, he HATES peas (they make him gag, but the face he makes really needs to be captured on film...but I won't torture him, promise!), inhales carrots, bananas, rice cereal (the kind with bananas, please), peaches, prunes, sweet potatoes, applesauce and pears...this week green beans...fingers crossed he likes something green. His doctor is not happy that so far his menu is heavy on fruits. Why am I so honest in answering her questions!?!?!? HA! I get my hand slapped every time! ;0) "Start with VEGGIES!" - yes doctor...;0)

have a good week...


Cameron Jackson Burke said...

Good luck with the green beans - Cam hated them, and to be honest, they looked pretty icky to me too :) Another way to get veggies in is to try the Safeway Organics Mixed Veggies, although its a stage 2. Grant is doing awesome with his solids - that is a good list there!!!
M, K and C

Cameron Jackson Burke said...

Enjoy the lack of teeth while you can! :) And the photos are gorgeous!!!