Sunday, April 13, 2008

brothers and the boardwalk....

Yesterday we took the boys to the Santa Cruz beach boardwalk. Always a fun adventure! James went on 4 rides!! A record! His favorite was the airplane ride - still amazed he loved it....the planes went around, and up and down - pretty high in the air too. No photographic evidence, sorry. He feels he is now ready for our trip to Disney World in out Mickey, here he comes!! ;0)

James awoke from his nap and agreed to pose for me. Out of about 30 pictures taken, these 2 were the keepers. I just love the way Grant is looking at James...of course couldn't get them to both make happy faces in the same photo....;0)

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helen said...

i love these pix -- especially the first one of g looking at jamers =)

it was so great to see you this weekend!!!