Sunday, December 30, 2007

on the safe side...

To all my mommy friends and family out there...

At fear of sounding like a paranoid mommy, I wanted to post what I have learned about baby feeding products and pacificers containing phthalates or BPA. Its a chemical that makes plastic softer and it "leaches" or leaks into the babies body and some studies show it can cause health issues, especially in boys reproductive organs.

Thanks to my mom who brought this to my attention after reading the book Exposed: The Toxic Chemistry of Everyday Products and What's at Stake for American Power

I found a website that has done a lot of research on the topic and has offered some history on the brands that are BPA-free and those that are not.

Please take this info with a grain of salt but it certainly made me want to learn more about things Grant is using currently. His pacificer (Soothie by First Years) seems to be on the ok list. But the breast milk collection bottles I use (Evenflo) are not. The Playtex nurser sytem of bottles seem to be ok. According to the Playtex website:

The Playtex Nurser System with its holder and disposable liners was originally developed in 1948 and has been trusted by generations of moms. The system uses disposable liners made of polyethylene- in both Drop Ins liners and rolled liners. So, the only contact between baby and the food is through the nipple and the liners, which are both BPA- free.

Some other cool things I learned about:

A cool sippy cup:

Natursutten pacifiers:

The Born Free line of products:

ABC News report on the topic:

Its always good to be well informed. If anyone has comments on this topic or info about products they use that are BPA-free please let me know. You would think as a 2nd time Mom I would have heard of this but sadly I have not, until now.

Back to sweet pictures and lighter topics tomorrow, I promise! ;0)

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Cameron Jackson Burke said...

Thank you for sharing this info (and research!), Sarah. I have a vaugue memory of hearing something about this, but then totally forgetting about it. We use Dr. Brown's, which Cam loves, and will be switching out with the Medela bottles (same brand as my breast pump) when Cam goes to daycare 1/15. For now, our workaround is to heat up the formula in a glass jar, then transfer it to the Dr. Brown's for drinking. Hard to find BPA free stuff down here in Paso!!

Thanks again for all this info - you're the best!