Monday, January 21, 2008


Well if you can believe it, we are all sick AGAIN. We went to Grant's "well baby" visit today but it quickly turned into a sick visit. Both boys have ear infections and bad colds. Nothing some time and rest can't beat! ;0)

The Doctor thinks James will be the healthiest Kindergartner on the planet after having had every bug in existence in his 3rd year! ;0) Fingers crossed.

Grant is 14 lbs (Doc thinks it would have been a bit higher if he weren't sick) and 26 inches long. 
He is my long, lean, string bean!!!

Love to you all! Wash your hands! ;0)

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helen said...

sorry to hear you are all sick AGAIN! i'm actually recovering from a bad flu too -- i still have this lingering cough :( i hope everyone feels better soon!