Friday, February 29, 2008


GG had his first taste of rice cereal this evening. I don't know what really motivated me to try it but it seemed like a great idea...and he loved it!! He sucked on each spoonful for quite a while but managed to eat about half a baby bowl full! I would say a few good tablespoons. Each time I took the spoon away to get another bite, he yelped as if to say "more, more!"
I didn't capture a picture of the actual "in-take" because I was the official feeder and high chair so I had no hands available. But the picture attached is the slumber that is this just a teaser nap or down for the night??!?!? Only time will tell.
Love to you all!
Sarah + boyz

p.s. I know he's not 6 months yet, but he's ready for cereal (plus it was just a taste). ;0) For all my rule following friends out there! ;0)

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Cameron Jackson Burke said...

Way to go, Grant!!! Sarah, you'll have to share if the rice cereal helped with him sleeping far, solids seem to be helping the Caminator sleep better - 3 nights this week he did from 10:45 to 6:30am or later - woohoo!!

The Burjewski's

we started Cam on rice cereal right at 5 months and he's just fine. If Grant is ready, he's ready!! Don't let anyone tell you otherwise :)