Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Further Grant update:

age: 7 months 
what's new (or not for that matter):
no teeth, lots of drool. 
Really sweet patch of hair on the top of his head we call his "piece". 
Loves pretty much every kind of fruit, also carrots and sweet potatoes. 
Love of rice cereal has petered out a bit. 
Loves to be given water out of a straw...no sucking but drop it into his mouth. 

Special tricks: Gargles something fierce...please see last post. 
Favorite "word": ba-ba, no relation to the bottle (yet)
Latest move: the army crawl, up on all fours for about 2 seconds then parks on his tummy and uses knees, toes and arms to get to his destination. Has a serious turning radius, can turn on a dime. ;0)

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