Sunday, November 2, 2008


All is well in the Siripoke household.
Mommy is over her strep/nasty cold/cough combo! yeah for antibiotics!
James and Grant are over their respective colds too.
We are headed to Disney World this week!! Meeting Mom-mom, Pop-pop & Uncle Steve there for 5 days of fun with Mickey! We can't wait! James is excited to see his endless list of friends - Buzz, Lightning, Woody, Little Einstein's, etc.
We had a really fun Halloween! We got our annual visit from hundreds of San Jose trick-or-treaters. We finally estimated the amount of candy pretty well this year and we even had some leftovers. ;0)
Have a wonderful week!
S + boys

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Cameron Jackson Burke said...

Hi Sarah! Are you going to be driving down to Disney? We'd love to see you here in Paso! (you'll be passing through about 2.25hrs south of San Jose, about 3.5hrs north of LA).

And WOOHOOO!!! to Grant on his first steps! He and Cam will be running around the yards in no time :)

Big hugs,