Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

We had a really great trip out to NJ. Flight was awesome, kids slept the entire time and we caught a really nice tail wind that got us here in less then 4 hours!

It was a really nice Easter Sunday. We made it to church pretty much on time and the mass wouldn't have been complete without James using the bathroom twice and Grant wetting through his pants...ah life with kids! ;0)

We had an Easter egg hunt and get together at the house on Sat afternoon and lots of kids from the neighborhood and family/friends joined in the fun! It was great to see everyone and watch the kids interact. Amazing how fast they are all growing up! Grant got to meet his NJ family and friends for the first time and smiled through it all....;0)

Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop bought G a really cool gift - its called the  rainforest jump-a-roo - he only lasts in it about 15 min max each "ride" but its really fun to watch him jumping around and playing with all the toys attached. As for James, it was really like Christmas, with all the wonderful gifts he received from visitors! The generosity never ends!! ;0)

Have a good week everyone! back to CA tomorrow...hope the flight home is as smooth as the flight to NJ!

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