Monday, March 31, 2008

busy Sunday

Well our plans for Sunday took a turn once G got sick (well, sicker - he had already been sick, just got worse) and we had to get out of our germy house and blow the stink off, so....first was a visit to the beach in Carmel....James had a great time running around and throwing sticks to Whiskey (or was it Whiskey that had the better time?! I think he was a fish in a past life). Grant seemed to really enjoy the fresh air and we couldn't hear his breathing from 10 paces, so that was an improvement! ;0) Colds stink!! He is on the road to recovery, meds started to work almost immediately - thank goodness!

Then later (thanks to a friend that shared some awesome luxury box tickets) we headed to the 6:00 p.m. Warrior game. So G got to spend the evening with his grandmas (biological and honorary) and James enjoyed his first bball game!!! He loved it and has a pretty sweet jersey as a souvenir...and yes he wore it to bed and to school today - of course!!!! ;0) I think Daddy has created yet another Warrior fan....

Have a great week!!

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