Tuesday, July 8, 2008

good form. bad form.

This photo is courtesy of my friend Nathiya, who caught James in our backyard practicing his golf swing...Daddy is really hoping he makes the tour. Hey a Dad can dream...

On another happy note, James' teacher Ms Rebecca told me yesterday that James has become her little helper in the classroom. Running to get the phone for her if it rings, cleaning up and being a a big brother to the other kids. James has come a long way from his many months of tearful drop offs at school and we are very proud of him. Its easy to forget that he is 3.75 yrs old...just a little boy, but yet is so mature.
He reminds me daily that his birthday is "coming in August". I always remind him its the 25th but he is leaning towards more of a month-long celebration...
If you are (and you all are WONDERFUL and incredibly GENEROUS family & friends) reading this right now, thinking - "What shall i get James for his birthday?" - let me just graciously take this opportunity to say PLEASE DONT GET HIM ANYTHING. However if you are completely overtaken with the NEED to get him SOMETHING (trust me I am guilty of this with other family and friends) may I suggest a book or a hug. ;-) Oh dont call me a stingy mommy people! For those that have not seen our family room or garage, its CRAAAAAAZY!
Love to you all in cyberspace and beyond...

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