Sunday, July 20, 2008

Rocky Mountain High

I just returned from an awesome weekend visiting my friend Stephanie and her hubby Ray, 2 choco labs - Holly and Shasta, the wonderhorse Buster and cats - Oakie and Murphy. They live on a new farm and its a fun-filled place, and the brood is soon to be increased with a new baby boy in September! 

It was a fun-filled weekend and it was just me - no hubby, no kids. My first trip away from all my boys! It was wonderful to have a special weekend with a friend and amazing to come home to hugs and kisses galore!! ;0)

Steph is a very accomplished horsewoman and is still riding with only 8 weeks to go! This little boy is going to be a born rider. ;0)

I got to ride too - both English and Western - and I am happy to report that my few years of lessons as a child got me an A+ rating in mounting, walking and even a trot from Steph! ;0) But I leave it to the pros. ;0)

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