Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy 4th of July Weekend!

Having the 4th land on a Friday this year is pretty sweet. Its 11:02pm on Saturday night and I feel like my weekend has been going on forever and I STILL have Sunday to enjoy. 

On Thursday night I  had the pleasure of photographing a friend's little boy, Brian. My friend Nathiya and her hubby joined me too. 

Friends Michelle, Kevin and baby Cameron also stopped by the park for a visit. I was so engrossed in running after my 2 yr old subject I didnt get a chance to really spend quality time with guys, if you read this - we are going to have a real visit again soon!! 

On Friday we vegged around the house and in the afternoon headed to downtown San Jose to join the masses and listen to music and watch the amazing fireworks show. Grant managed to stay awake until 9:25ish and watched the fireworks without fear. We strategically covered his head with a blanket so the sound was muffled and he really seemed to be mesmerized, or totally pooped...;0) We reminisced that this time last year, I was pregnant (very pregnant) and we had just moved back into our newly remodeled (and really not 100% finished, but will it ever be??) home. What a difference a year makes!! 

Today Daddy worked 1/2 day and then we all headed to Aptos to spend a little time on the beach. Then we topped off the evening with some dinner in Capitola and some Mojitos...yum! And here I sit after getting 2 boys down to bed....

Grant has become a serious man on the move. He is a professional crawler and super FAST. He now pulls himself up and has perfected gingerly settling humself back down on his tush. Today he approached a small set of stairs and climbed it as if he had done it 100 times before!       Another ability is to find a pacifier and place it perfectly into his mouth....for a while he just gnawed on it if he didnt get the correct side in his mouth at the first pass, but now he looks at it, finds the proper side, puts it in and sucks away. James wasnt a paci kid, so its interesting to see Grant's attachment to it still now at 9 months. I just hope the detachment is smooth...;0)

Hope everyone out there has a wonderful weekend....


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