Sunday, July 13, 2008

beach lovers

We went to the beach again today, we can't seem to stay away. I am recovering from a bad cold and we felt it would be good to get out and blow the stink off of us. Plus the salt air does wonders for the respiratory system, well at least mine. ;0)
James once again was a beach lovin dude and baby Grant was right behind him crawling through the sand without a care in the world. He didnt have one moment of "ick" or "ew" or "what is this stuff??!" - just like he was born to play in the sand. We are heading to NJ at the end of August for our annual Jersey shore vacation and we are glad to know that he will be a little beach comber. ;0)

Today Grant also perfected "da-da" - its all he says lately and its SO cute. I will try and get it on video, but everytime I hit record, he stops. Naturally.

Have a good week!

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